Ukraine threatens flooding: dozens of cities could disappear from the face of the earth

Украине грозит затопление: десятки городов могут исчезнуть с лица земли

In Ukraine due to flooding can disappear more than thirty cities

Ukrainians should be ready for a serious climate change.

Up to 2100 can be partially flooded 34 Ukrainian cities and a fully – village 62, 660 ecologically dangerous objects, 200 thousand ha of agricultural land and 98 objects of natural reserve Fund.

Украине грозит затопление: десятки городов могут исчезнуть с лица земли

Such a study “Cod” and scientists, writes Hvilya.

In addition, 75 thousand people at risk of becoming climate refugees. According to experts, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move to clean energy sources by mid-century to prevent this.

Украине грозит затопление: десятки городов могут исчезнуть с лица земли

Woman eaten alive on the job: “suddenly popped up out of the water and dragged”
The incident

As the study says:

— 34 Ukrainian cities can be partially flooded, in particular: Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev, Mariupol, Berdyansk, Kerch;

— 6 towns and 62 villages can be completely flooded, in particular: Golaya Pristan, Zatoka, Azure;

75 thousands of people at risk of becoming climate migrants because their homes can be flooded;

— 660 ecologically dangerous objects can be projected in a flood zone. In particular: 13 36 landfills and sewage treatment plants, metallurgical plant “Azovstal” in Mariupol and sedimentation ponds Crimean plant “Titan” near Armenian; can flood 200 thousand hectares of agricultural land, 10 thousand hectares of industrial areas and 1917 buildings commercial and industrial purposes;

— sea level rise may lead to flooding of 98 objects of natural reserve Fund. In particular: part of the territories of the black sea and Danube biosphere reserves;

— the projected flood zone can be objects of historical and cultural heritage. In particular: an archaeological monument “Chersonese”, which was founded more than two thousand years ago, and is now included in the list of UNESCO World heritage sites.

As previously reported, in the South of France raging element. Massive flooding literally demolish the city. Orange announced severity.

The number of victims, as reported by prefect Alain Tyrion rose to 13. Across the region closed schools, colleges and universities. In the municipality of Villardonnel attack element was subjected to the ancient castle, killed a nun. It is reported that the wave that had descended upon the monastery, was so strong that the Windows exploded and they hit the fountains inside the building.

Украине грозит затопление: десятки городов могут исчезнуть с лица земли

According to the newspaper Le Figaro, in the municipality of Viligant killed several people, one of them drowned in their sleep – it washed the night into the town wave, which destroyed the house of the unfortunate. De-energized more than 8 million homes. In the region declared orange severity.

“We have completely destroyed everything – houses, shops, hotels. Everywhere water, everywhere! Rescuers do not have time to evacuate citizens”, — said the resident of Villagenet Elen Segura.

She also said that it suffered the neighbouring village of Paladi. Residents Villainize have teamed up to in the first place, to save themselves, and retired from the nursing home in Palace.

Recall that the capital went under water to Kiev struck a powerful shower.

As reported Politeka, large-scale flooding in Thailand took the life of 21 people.

Also Politeka wrote about the terrible floods in 2018.

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