Ukraine missed the victory in the match with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Video

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Ukraine missed the victory in the match with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Video

There is another away match ahead.

The Ukrainian national team could not keep the victory in the match with Bosnia and Herzegovina in the selection for the 2022 World Cup. The Bosnians responded to Yarmolenko's goal at the start of the match with a productive blow from Ahmedhodjic at the end of the meeting & # 8212; 1: 1, reports with reference to RBC.

The first minutes passed at a fairly calm pace & # 8212; it was felt that this match was extremely important for both teams. True, the game, for the most part, took place in the Bosnian half of the field. After the 10th minute, the Ukrainians finally took over the playing initiative and, in fact, the first dangerous attack ended with a goal against Shekich. At the 15th minute, Stepanenko, near someone else's penalty area, noticed a jerk into the free zone from Tsygankov, and he immediately shot along the goalkeeper's to the far post, where Yarmolenko only needed to get into an empty net & # 8212; 1: 0.

After the goal, the Ukrainians let their opponents feel the ball a little, in turn trying to use the free zones on the other side of the field. So, on the 24th minute, Sobol fled into a counterattack and perfectly cut on Tymchik, who at crazy speed went one-on-one with the Bosnian keeper, but he could not beat it.

Another excellent moment for scoring was with Tsygankov, whom the opponents forgot in their own penalty area, but the Ukrainian winger could not get into the corner of Shekich's goal with his head.

Towards the end of the half, the Ukrainians seemed to be a little addicted, but the Bosnians became more and more acute. First, in the 34th minute, the Ukrainians missed a very sharp counterattack from the players of the Bosnia national team. Stevanovic fled along the left flank of our defense and made a dangerous cross into the penalty area. The ball hit Kolashinats, who twice tried to shoot Pyatov from the goalkeeper's corner, but both shots were blocked by our defenders.

And at the end of the half, the score could well become equal. The referee did not notice a foul in our half on Stepanenko, the ball was received by Khadzhiakhmetovich and shot from outside the penalty area. This shot was parried by Pyatov, but the ball was picked up by Prevljak and, bypassing Zabarny in the penalty area, shot from under Kryvtsov's feet. Pyatov no longer reacted, but after a slight rebound from our defender's leg, the ball went close to the post.

In the second half, the game went on a collision course & # 8212; the Bosnians began to attack more and leave free zones than the Ukrainians used over and over again. This clearly brought the game to life. First, Shaparenko and Yarmolenko organized an excellent attack & # 8212; the first played against the second, receiving a pass in response to the fifth, but did not manage to break through the goal a little bit & # 8212; insured Kolashinac.

A minute later, however, the Bosnians already had an excellent opportunity & # 8212; after filing from the flank, the Ukrainians forgot about Nalich in their own penalty area. Well the Bosnian could not hit the target with his head.

And then the Bosnians missed another dash from Tymchik. The Ukrainian lateral entered the penalty area and shot into the far corner, but the ball passed centimeters from the post.

And again in the second half of the half, the Ukrainians got hooked. The first bell was a dangerous blow from outside the penalty area from Dzeko. Pyatov saved the Ukrainians in a spectacular jump. Another dangerous moment at the gates of the Ukrainians arose in the 74th minute, when Stepanenko gape near his goal, he was robbed by Prevlyak and shot from within the penalty area. The kick was blocked by Kryvtsov, and the second attempt after the rebound from the same Prevlyak fell into the hands of Pyatov.

But after three minutes, the Ukrainians still conceded. The Bosnians organized the attack at a second pace after the set, and Matvienko did not keep track of the central defender of Bosnia Ahmedhodjic, who, after a discount from his partner, shot straight into the far corner of Pyatov's goal & # 8212; 1: 1.

Ukraine had a chance already in stoppage time to snatch victory & # 8212; Zubkov earned a dangerous free kick near Shekich's goal. But he could not throw the wall. As a result, a draw, which keeps the intrigue in the fight for the playoffs in our group. Now the Ukrainians need to win in the last round of selection against the same Bosnia. True, they will play away. And now we need to hope that France will not yield to Finland in a full-time duel.

& # 171; Yellow-blue & # 187; are still second, but have one more played match than Bosnia and Finland.

Ukraine missed the victory in the match with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Video


Yarmolenko, 15 & # 8212; Akhmedhodzhich, 77

Ukraine : Pyatov & # 8212; Tymchik, Zabarny, Krivtsov, Matvienko, Sobol & # 8212; Stepanenko, Shaparenko (Sidorchuk, 72) & # 8212; Yarmolenko (Zubkov, 82), Tsygankov (Buletsa, 82) & # 8212; Yaremchuk (Sikan, 72)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Shehich & # 8212; Stevanovic, Hadjikadunich, Ahmedhodjic, Civic, Kolashinats & # 8212; Hadzhiakhmetovich, Nalich (Sarich, 58) & # 8212; Goyak (Prcic, 58), Prevlyak (Demirovich, 82) & # 8212; Dzeko

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