“Ukraine is Africa”: the leader of “DNR” amused the new pearl

Zakharchenko made a forecast of further development of events in Ukraine.

Ringleader “DPR” Alexander Zakharchenko said that our country will become Africa, when it will enter the American troops, because they occupy the whole territory, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC

The leader of the militants said in an interview with the separatist channel.

Zakharchenko said that the Ukrainian army can not defeat the insurgents, because it connects the other troops, including American.

“If such conversations go, it’s the level of nonsense. We understood no one respects, we are afraid. It is disrespectful in the first place, to Ukraine. It will be the occupying forces of Donbass. It will be the occupation troops of Ukraine. It will be Africa, which comes to the contingent, and the President of Africa will be under the protection of troops. Is the seizure of power in the country”, — said the terrorist.

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Recall that in “LDNR” launched a campaign to recruit local “recruits” in the ranks of terrorists.

Men of draft age send out “agenda” from the militants-controlled “military”. In addition, in Lugansk there were billboards with an appeal to join the ranks of the terrorists, and passers-by handing out propaganda leaflets.

Militants also launched a campaign on the Internet where I publish videos with the promise of clothing, three meals a day and a stable income.

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It is reported that “ordinary” fighter pay 15 thousand rubles (7 thousand UAH), “sergeants” – up to 13 thousand UAH, “the company commander” – 27 thousand UAH, and the “brigade commander” — more than 50 thousand UAH. The mercenaries from Russia get twice.

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