Ukraine has taken a loan from the United States and Britain: how and when will refund

A large part of the bonds worth $750 million with a yield of 9% was bought by investors from the USA (46%) and the UK (41%). Reported by the Financial Club, citing the Finance Ministry.

Украина взяла в долг у США и Британии: сколько и когда вернем

European investors bought 12% of the issue 5-year Eurobonds, and the share of investors from other regions amounted to only 1%.

10-year bonds with a yield of 9.75% per annum mainly bought by investors from the UK (46%) and the USA (37%), while investors from Europe accounted for 16% and investors from other regions have only 1%.

5-year Eurobonds were mostly placed among funds, asset managers (82%). The proportion of hedge funds was 12%, insurance and pension funds 4% banks 2%.

In 10-year Eurobonds invested funds, asset managers (79%), hedge funds (13%), insurance and pension funds (5%), banks (3%).

As reported, Ukraine has published its offer on the sale of Eurobonds on $2e low income — 7,375-7.5% per annum.

 bn While investors submitted bids for the purchase of Ukrainian bonds by nearly $5 billion.

Earlier, analysts reported that last year the market situation has changed, since last year, Ukraine placed Eurobonds for $3 billion with binapani, in 2019 and in the next two years Ukraine had to pay a considerable amount of debt, in particular external. According to information of the Ministry of Finance, the debt service next year will need to spend about $6 billion, half of them are payments on foreign currency debt.

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