Ukraine has come, this is an epidemic of influenza: the 22 schools already in quarantine

В Украине грядет епидемия гриппа: 22 школы уже на карантине

Today, the education of students suspended in 22 schools of Kharkiv region

This is reported by UNN with reference to the Kharkiv regional laboratory center.

So doctors companies warned about the flu virus can spread throughout the territory of Ukraine and the incidence will continue to grow. All because of the weather, winter frosts and not enough people were vaccinated against influenza:

“There are all favorable conditions for the spread of this infection. The circulation of influenza virus is confirmed in the region, the virus of group A (H3N2) seasonal, which tends to cause it to flash and gain epidemic spreading, ” said the center’s staff.

В Украине грядет епидемия гриппа: 22 школы уже на карантине

Deputy Director of the Lviv oblast laboratory center Oleg Kohut reported that the incidence in the region over the past three weeks is also growing, but not yet exceeded epidporog, reports ZAXID.NET.

There are already suffering from flu in many other fields, yesterday, in Ukraine 20% of patients who were in hospital, discovered the influenza virus type A.

According to the forecasts of the physician, this season will circulate such strains of influenza virus: type A ( “Michigan” and “Singapore”) and type In ( “co”). The virus is “Singapore” for us is new, so it can lay on the hospital bed with more people.

So we know that last year only in the Lviv region of influenza had less than 200 000 inhabitants, so not many now have immunity. Also, many people don’t do vaccinations — Tom Wuyi risk people more.

В Украине грядет епидемия гриппа: 22 школы уже на карантине

The doctors warned that the dry type of cough can be a symptom of several diseases.

Coughing is a reflex, triggered by stimuli of allergic, viral, bacterial or other nature. When a person coughs, he tries to clear the airway, because with confidence we can say that coughing is not a separate disease. This is a very common symptom that accompanies more than 50 diseases.

Doctors advise not to self-medicate and when the first symptoms of the disease to see a doctor.

Dry cough accompanied by a persistent inflammatory disease of the upper respiratory tract. During treatment of influenza or SARS, as a rule, transformirovalsya in the wet, and disappears as soon as the phlegm goes away. But what to do when a dry cough remains even after the full, it would seem that recovery?

Continuous dry cough can be caused by a complication of SARS or development of secondary infection. Among the potentially dangerous diseases – tracheitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

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