UK: Rabbis oppose compulsory secular education in yeshivot

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 UK: rabbis oppose compulsory secular education in yeshivas

A group of rabbis in the United Kingdom gathered outside the British Parliament on Wednesday to protest a proposed school law that protesters called “a threat to change fundamental aspects of Jewish practice.” .

The new Schools Bill requires yeshivas, which are not currently considered schools in the UK, to register with the Department of Education, teach secular subjects and be subject to scrutiny by the Education Standards, Children's services and skills.

Schools that do not meet the requirements will be forced to close.

noproject " seeks to intervene in religious life by integrating ultra-Orthodox Jews into the way of life of the majority.”

The committee also stated that the law would require them to “teaching secular sciences in a way that directly contradicts their religious beliefs, thereby violating the right of parents and their children to practice their religion.”

About 2,000 members of the Orthodox community took part in a rally in Stamford Hill on May 30 to protest against the passage of the law.

Rabbi Asher Gratt, in a press statement, said the bill was “tantamount to a decree expelling Haredi Jews from the UK.”

In a letter to Education Minister Nadhim Zahavi, Gratt wrote that education is “an integral part of preserving Torah knowledge and Jewish law, and yeshivas play a crucial role in serving the community and educating the next generation.

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