UK nurse on trial for baby killer

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 Baby killer nurse on trial in UK

The trial of a nurse at a perinatal center has begun in the UK, who is accused of premeditated murder of seven babies and attempted murder of 10 more newborns.

in the Chester neonatal unit as a preterm nurse from 2015 to 2016, deliberately killed seven babies. It is reported that during the period of her work, children began to die more often from heart and lung failure, it was impossible to resuscitate them.

Investigators proved that the time of death of the babies coincided with Lucy's duty schedule.

Later it turned out that the defendant killed the children with insulin or injected air into their veins. After her bloodthirsty assassination attempts, she tracked the “result” through the social networks of the victims' families.

As part of the investigation, Lucy has already been arrested twice, but released on bail. She was finally arrested in 2019 and has been in custody ever since.

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