Ufologists Over the last 50 years in the hands of the aliens were a billion people

Scientists from the field of UFOlogy, said that over the past half century in the hands of the aliens were one billion people. Relevant information led the experts, adding that the figure is incomplete due to the lack of official statistics in all countries.

The researchers noted that theft has always occurred, just a scientific way to prove this is impossible. We are talking about the mysterious disappearance of citizens under mysterious circumstances that defies science and logic. Aliens are interested mainly children, and the preliminary cause of the “theft” of intent humanoids to conduct experiments.

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According to scientists, the real number of kidnappings may vary with the specified several times, as it takes into account mainly the facts of missing children and adolescents. Marked and the time that Africa and Asia do not participate in the search for the missing under unexplained circumstances and any statistics are not, which complicates the calculations.


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