Ufologists discovered the remains of dinosaurs on the moon of Neptune

Ufologists struck the world of the next sensation. Having carefully studied the pictures taken by the space probe “Voyager-2” adherents of alternative science found on the largest satellite of Neptune, the remains of dinosaurs.

Proponents of the idea of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations noted that they have noticed on Triton the remains of once living creatures, remarkably similar to the bone structure of ancient earth dinosaurs reigning on the Earth during the Jurassic period.

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Here are just a size hundreds of times higher than the largest terrestrial lizards. Hence, it was concluded that the remains were somehow moved to the moon of Neptune with a giant planet with low gravity.

Message ufologists, representatives of traditional science habitually silent, but skeptics in social networks is not found in the picture, no remains, but only the curves of the icy surface of Triton.

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The largest moon of Neptune astrophysicists interesting for its geological activity, indicating that the emissions of large quantities of nitrogen. We will remind, Chinese UFO found on the moon a human skeleton.


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