UFO spotted in old NASA photo

 UFO spotted in old NASA photo

An enthusiast named Tyler claims to have spotted a UFO hovering over Earth in an old NASA photo.

dubbed “secureteam10”, carefully studied a photograph taken by astronauts in the 1960s during the Apollo 9 mission. During the mission, the astronauts photographed a crew member on a spacewalk and a breathtaking view of Earth from space.

Tyler looked closely at one of the images and saw that a black triangular object was “floating”. not far from our planet.

“This is a photo taken by one of the astronauts making a spacewalk before safely returning to Earth,” the enthusiast comments.

The researcher enlarged the image and noted that the mysterious object “seems to be orbiting the Earth along with the astronauts, who probably had no idea what the mysterious black triangle was when they took this photo.”

Subscribers to Tyler's channel claim that these finds are “evidence” the existence of a UFO.

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