UEFA approved the new format of European competitions: details

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 UEFA approved the new European Cup format: details

The UEFA Executive Committee has officially approved the new format of European competition, according to the UEFA website.

The changes will affect the Champions League, Conference League and Europa League and will be valid from the 2024-2025 season.

Thus, the number of clubs in the Champions League will increase to 36. The number of teams representing the country in the European Cup will depend on the success of the last season (in part). The two best countries will receive two additional places in the tournament.

The number of rounds in the group stage will increase to 8, all teams will be in the same standings. In the new format, 144 matches will be played in the group stage.

Other tournaments will also be affected by similar changes. In the Europa League there will be 8 matches in the general stage, and in the Conference League – 6. In the general stage, 36 teams will also play in both tournaments.

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