U.S. approves sale of farmed chicken for the first time

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 U.S. first approves sale of farmed chicken

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the consumption of cell-cultured chicken after a “thorough evaluation”.

Made by Upside Foods using animal cells. It can be sold to consumers after being reviewed by the USDA. The FDA said it used data and information provided by the company to make its decision and “there are no questions at this time.”

“We made history as the first company to receive a Letter of no questions” from the FDA regarding cultured meat”, – says Uma Valeti, founder and CEO of the firm.

Upside Foods still has a number of hurdles to overcome before it can sell its products – for example, the enterprise where the product is manufactured must obtain official permission, – but Valeti considers the news “a watershed in food history.” It is anticipated that cultured meat products will account for the majority of the overall meat market in the future.

Ernst van Orsow, CEO of Roslin Technologies, a Scottish food technology company, called Upside Foods FDA approval a “major milestone” for the development of the industry. In his opinion, this step “will push further investments and innovations” to the cultivated food industry.

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