U.S. approves booster doses of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines against Omicron

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 Booster doses of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines against Omicron are allowed in the USA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved emergency use of Moderna and Pfizer booster vaccines against Omicron BA4 and BA5 strains. The corresponding decision was made on Wednesday, August 31. Both vaccines also work against previous strains of coronavirus. Moderna's emergency authorization allows people aged 18 years and over to be vaccinated, while Pfizer's allows those aged 12 years and over. According to the second company, in about a week it will be ready to supply 15 million doses. Both companies have yet to complete human trials of the updated vaccines. The FDA approval was given on the basis of previous trials aimed at the first Omicron BA1 strain.

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