Tyson Fury: “I don't respect Usyk”

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 Tyson Fury: "I don't respect Usyk"

British athlete Tyson Fury ridiculed the fight between Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua.

In an interview with talk Sport, he said that he would easily defeat Usyk, although he was completely uninterested in him . In addition, he stated that Joshua buried his legacy in world boxing after the fight with the Ukrainian.

“I don't respect Usyk. I don't think he is a great fighter. I didn't take anything away from this fight, Joshua found his level. But Usyk did not deliver any accented blow in 12 rounds. It's not my fault that he went out and beat Joshua, some bodybuilder! I could beat Usyk in just a week of training. Usyk doesn't interest me. He's some dude whose name no one can pronounce correctly. Pumped up middleweight. And Joshua's legacy was torn to shreds, & ndash; Fury said.

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