Tyra banks complained about the difficult lives of single mothers

When in January 2016, the only child of models, the son of York, was born, tyra banks was on the seventh heaven from happiness. Because of the children she’s wanted for a long time, but to realize her dream she succeeded only when she was already 42 years — with the help of a surrogate mother. But it took less than two years, and tyra realized that being motherhood is difficult and not always bringing only the joy of labor.

“Frankly, I was exhausted. Tonight my son barely slept and I with him. Dozed off was in the morning, but at five o’clock he was thirsty… of Course I use the help of a nanny, but not all the time. And when the nurse no, I sometimes have a hard time. But then I say to myself, “It’s okay, this is how I live all working mothers…” said banks.

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And, now her son has not yet entered into the restless age that many parents call “the terrible” — with 2 to 3 years, when children can get in anywhere, but don’t know what you can do, and that they can be very dangerous. However, according to tyra, York is developing ahead. “Although he was not yet two years old, he behaves like children who have already reached this age. But when I start to complain about this to my own mom, she just laughs and says that my son just really like me…” he told tyra.

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According to banks, the situation is compounded by the fact that she is now, after tyra broke up with her boyfriend — Erik Eisley, she raises her son alone. Recall: some time ago she decided to leave Eric, with whom she lived together for five years. They met in 2013, when the Taira and Asla, a professional photographer who shot the covers of such renowned publications as ELLE, Glamour, GQ иVanity Fair, participated in the work on the Norwegian version of “Top model…”. According to the gossip, relationship banks and Ashly got corrupted after the appearance in the child’s home, when Eric began to complain that his favorite pays him enough attention…


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