Typical new York: video from the subway in Brooklyn conquered the network

Типовий Нью-Йорк: відео з метро в Брукліні підкорило мережу

An unexpected visitor metro

New York annually receives millions of tourists, who have to face the reality of the Big Apple and not be disappointed in the city. But sometimes different funny situations still make new York does not appear in the best light.

On one of the metro stations of Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn pedestrians noticed an unexpected lover, the mouse, which is confidently carrying a disposable coffee Cup. As noted by the author of the video, Beastie boy made her day.

But commentators have noted that new York is quite a typical situation, because there are many rodents that easily “use metro and I love pizza. So the little fan of coffee managed to surprise. Obviously, in such a frantic pace that even the smallest of its residents do not have time for him without a Cup of fragrant drink.

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