Two-thirds of the rioters are children of “family reunites”

 Two-thirds of the pogromists are children of

Well-known Israeli journalist Kalman Libskind has published a study about the participants in anti-Semitic pogroms in mixed cities of Israel during Operation Wall Guard.

Liebskind is convinced that the statistics of terror confirm the thesis that children born in marriages between Israeli Arabs and Palestinians are the core of the radical anti-Israeli movement among the country's Arabs.

The three participants in Yigal Yeshua's lynch in Lod on May 14 come from families with a Palestinian component. Two of them are children from families in which the father has a Palestinian wife, the third is the son of a Palestinian mother.

Three brothers who firebombed the Chabad building in Lod are also children of a Palestinian mother. Only miraculously, no one was hurt.

Also in Lod, two terrorists opened fire on a MADA volunteer with Kalashnikov assault rifles. He was wounded in the leg. One of the terrorists is the son of a Palestinian mother.

Three residents of Ramla, children of parents from Judea and Samaria, were making Molotov cocktails and burned down a kindergarten.

Sami Abu Musa, a resident of Lod, is accused of taking part in the raid on a police station in Ramat Eshkol. Abu Musa's mother, Wafa, was born in Ramallah, into a very influential Palestinian clan.

Liebskind's article is based on a study of the “City of Israel” organization created after Operation Wall Guard. The organization investigates the situation in cities with a mixed population.

“Cities of Israel” studied the cases of 120 persons detained on charges of participating in anti-Jewish pogroms, violence and terrorism in the cities of Ramla and Lod. It was found that 60% of them – come from families, which is a Palestinian Arab or Arab, who are in Israel for “humanitarian reasons” on the basis of “family reunification”.

These are the next of kin, usually the children of Palestinian and Israeli Arab families.

These children have a lot of Palestinian relatives. Their grandparents are Palestinians. Their uncles and aunts are Palestinians. They have many relatives in autonomy. For all these people, the State of Israel, where they live, study, pay taxes and receive material assistance from it, is an enemy. The descendants of such families very often “roam” between the Israeli and Palestinian branches of the family, and in the process absorb a huge amount of nationalist and terrorist propaganda.

Supporters of “family reunification” they argue that a very small number of Palestinians enter Israel on this basis, that we are talking about “percentage shares in the total Israeli population,” and this phenomenon cannot in any way affect the internal situation in the country. This is a delusion, because the descendants of these families are concentrated in cities such as Lod and Ramle – and their influence on the security situation was clearly demonstrated during the operation “Sten Guard”.

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