Two things in the female form that make a man fall in love

Дві речі в жіночому образі, які змусять чоловіка закохатися

/ karina-lam

To please the opposite sex, women often go to a variety of tricks. However, it is not necessary to do.

Sincere open smile

Smile is really very attractive. I write about this often in the literature. However, this works only if really sincere, kind and open smile. Often women smile more like a grin. Simulated, cold, hastily dressed, she has all the magic that temptress counting.

A sincere smile is not just about the lips. It is your inner state, your inner world, your eyes, soul and emotional state. Just give him a sincere smile.

Confident look

Another point of your image view. Ever men did not immediately fall in love with someone who goes with bowed head, looking down at his feet. Which leads view which run around the eyes. Look confident, overtly, aggressively or quietly, don’t be afraid to look your partner in the eye. Don’t hide your soul.

Дві речі в жіночому образі, які змусять чоловіка закохатися

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