Two teenagers went missing after they went to Evyatar

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 Two teenagers went missing after they went to Evyatar < /p>

Mayan Schreiber and Yosef Chaim Banjo, two fifteen-year-olds, have been reported missing. On Monday, February 27, they set off for Evyatar in Samaria and have not returned or contacted since.

Schreiber and Banjo set off from Shefa's Yeshiva in Jerusalem at 10:40 pm. one of them didn't have a mobile phone.

“Mayan left Jerusalem late last night with a rucksack and a bag with his friend. They were heading for Evyatar. They haven't been in contact since then, and it's not like them. We have not been able to find any trace of them. Israeli Canine Unit Searches”, — His brother Emmanuel told Israel National News.

According to the description, both teenagers were wearing large kippahs, one of which had an inscription in Hebrew. Both were carrying large backpacks. Mayyan was wearing navy blue military trousers and a dark colored sweatshirt and was carrying a plastic bag from the Osher Ad store.

UPD: teenagers found


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