Two more carriers of the Omicron strain identified in Israel

Two more carriers of the Omicron strain have been identified in Israel

In Israel, the number of confirmed carriers of the Omicron coronavirus strain has increased to four.

This was announced on November 30 by the press service of the Ministry of Health. < br />
Two new carriers of the South African strain of coronavirus were doctors from Sheba Medical Center.

One of the infected doctors recently returned from a conference in London. The second doctor was in close contact with the first.

According to Sheba, both infected doctors had previously received three doses of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine.

The Ministry of Health also said that they were checking analyzes of 34 infected people to find out whether they are carriers of the new strain.

Recall that the first infected was a traveler who recently returned from South Africa. The second carrier of the Omicron strain came from Malawi.

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