Two Jews are suspected of attacking an Arab in Sheikh Jarrah

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 Two Jews are suspected of attacking an Arab in Sheikh Jarrah

Two Jews were arrested last week on suspicion of terrorism and racially motivated crimes for allegedly attacking a resident of the Sheikh Jarrah area last month.

The details of the case were released after the High Court lifted the ban on disclosure of information at the request of Yediot Ahronot.

Two 20-year-old suspects are accused of assaulting 52-year-old Muhammad Zahran On October 13, when he stood at the door of his house during the night of violent clashes between Jews and Arabs.

Shortly before this, a 17-year-old Jew was injured by a stone when Jewish and Arab youths hurled stones at each other. The incidents took place at a distance of about 100 meters from each other, according to the Times of Israel.< br />
“This is an attack on a person unrelated to the previous incident,” police said of the attack on Zahran.

On Tuesday, a Jerusalem court ordered the suspects to be detained for another four days.

The Shin Bet statement said eight people were involved in the attack on Zahran, the father of four. CCTV footage of the incident shows Zahran standing at the entrance to his house when approached a group of men, and without any obvious provocation, one of them hits him on the head, knocking him down. The men then leave.

that evening,” the Shin Bet said, noting that the two suspects are residents of the settlements of Yitzhar and Beit El, and that they arrived in Sheikh Jarrah “specially to confront the Arabs.”

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