Two cases of child abuse in Beer Sheva: Suspects arrested

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 Two incidents of child abuse in Beersheba: Suspects arrested< /p>

Israel Police reported that two days ago (Tuesday) a 40-year-old man was reported to have committed an indecent act on a 13-year-old boy while he was playing in a park in Beersheba.

The police arrived at the scene, investigated the incident and collected evidence. The suspect, a resident of Beersheba, was identified and detained the next day. Today, the suspect appeared before the city's magistrates' court, which ruled to extend his detention for a week.

In another case, also in Beersheba, a 20-year-old resident of the city is suspected of committing an indecent act and sexually harassing two 8-year-old children. According to information available to the investigation, the man entered the elevator with the children, where he molested them, and then fled the scene.

The suspect was arrested shortly after the crime and taken to the police station in Beersheba for further investigation. His detention was also extended by a week.

The police said: “We are investigating two unusual and complex incidents. The vigilance of responsible adults and the immediate appeal to the police led to the quick arrest of the suspects and their isolation from society.

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