Twitch has introduced new rules for users

 Twitch introduced new rules for users

Twitch, a video streaming service specializing in video games, including broadcasts of gameplay and esports tournaments, has introduced new rules for nicknames — they should not contain insults and references to the genitals.

Now the main rules in order not to get banned look like this:

– It is forbidden to use hate speech, threats and disclosure personal data
– References to sexual acts, arousal, bodily fluids or genitals are prohibited
– References to hard drugs are also prohibited. Alcohol, tobacco and marijuana are not considered
– If your nickname does not fit the new rules, the administration will ask you to change it
– If the current nickname is an obvious violation of the rules, then you can get an indefinite ban on Twitch< br />
The rules for nicknames will come into effect on March 1, 2022.

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