Twin drug dealers built a McDonald's business

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 Twin drug dealers built a business like McDonald's

The drug-dealing brothers claim their successful business strategy was built on McDonald's. Pedro and Margarito Flores also played a role in the capture of drug lord El Chapo.

The twins consider their time at McDonald's a time when they learned how to make quality products.

“I think it was a great experience for both of us”– says one of the brothers. McDonald's goes to great lengths to make sure it tastes the same every time. It also allowed us to create quality products that were easier for dealers to sell.

The Flores brothers built an empire of over $1 million in sales. Their business included an extensive transportation system and warehouses in Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities.

Eventually, the brothers were arrested in 2008 and forced to make a deal with justice. For their crimes, they received only 14 years in prison, while agreeing to testify against the famous drug lord El Chapo.

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