TV presenter Polina nenya to defend maternity rights in conflict with her ex-husband

Телеведущая Полина Неня отстояла материнские права в конфликте с бывшим мужем

TV presenter Polina nenya to defend maternity rights in conflict with ex-husband [photos]
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The girl was found with her mother in her birthday.

TV presenter and chief editor of the portal Polina nenya agreed with businessman Yuri chernetski equally to her three-year old daughter of Theon. 13 Feb Nene turned 40, a birthday she spent with her daughter and showed a photo in Instagram.

– Happy together! The happiest day! commented on nenya.

Ex-husband said the leading social network that the decision was legally secured, and congratulated Nenyu happy birthday. He showed a photo with his ex-wife and daughter.

– Today is an important day, Teona has two parents. We both knew and had always understood, but could not find consensus. Today, after a long debate, dispute, courts, we found him and secured legally. Did everything voluntarily and in the interests of our children! Our daughter will be with mom in her birthday! I am fully satisfied with the arrangements which we have approved with Pauline and lawyers. In this situation, no winners or losers, except for our children! Our children won that made us, adults, to be a little more responsible and sensible! Special thanks to my lawyer Eugene Pronin, who I was attracted to end this conflict, – is told in the post.

Телеведущая Полина Неня отстояла материнские права в конфликте с бывшим мужем

Polina nenya was otprazdnuem birthday with Theon. Photo:

What happened at Neni and Chernetsky

10 Nov 2019 Polina nenya said in Facebook that her daughter allegedly hold and she couldn’t see it.

In the course of a year and nine months, I defend and fight for their rights and the rights of three children. After I left the children’s father with one suitcase to the Mall without Finance and apartments/places to go, I have experienced all forms of violence, – stated in the publication.

According to Neni, the trial lasted from February 2019. She filed a petition in the court for the determination of the place of residence of the children and alimony. Prior to that, according to nenya, a year was spent on trying to sign a peace agreement.

– The trial lasts for 10 months and had deliberately delayed the defendant. All this time, in fact I was left with the children on the street. Fortunately, I was helped by my friends, I was able to rent an apartment, and relatives helped me with the car. Everything of value that I had, after 11 years of living together, father of the children took, apparently with a desire to see us hungry die – complained nenya.

Nenya said that the father allegedly helps the children money.

I pay rent, I pay for school, clubs and services of a pediatrician, their drive, she provides them with everything necessary. In court the father of the children proves that he is insolvent. We went into his difficult situation and do not pretend. Given all that I and the children survived, we did not expect and are not asking for anything. My main goal was not to separate the three children and that they can love both parents. In court I ask that all three children lived in the same place with my mom, and of course, dad and I all this time, never allowed himself to give the children to dad at his request or create barriers to their communication. Despite the history of tattoo seven year old son, the story of illegal export of daughter for two weeks in secret from me, repeated retention and fulfillment of the agreements, the prohibitions of the nurse to answer my calls or texts, the manipulation and threats that in that year I couldn’t be with my daughter at her birthday, that first, the Pope is trying to take away son, and now with their “favorite” son doesn’t say Hello, that having a total of five children, constantly signals those are “pet”. August Plato and Theodore never saw dad, the last time in their greeting: “hi dad,” he turned away and did not respond, he never called and asked to meet nor I, nor they – described by Pauline.

Телеведущая Полина Неня отстояла материнские права в конфликте с бывшим мужем

Yuri Chernetsky showed a photo with Pauline Nina and Theon. Photo:

After that, according to Neni, he “decided that he needed only a daughter,” and she did not interfere with the communication Teona’s father. According to Neni, it ended the conflict, which had to tell the subscribers.

– Wednesday, November 6, at the request voiced by the nurse I gave the child, with a verbal agreement, what Saturday morning will bring – on Friday evening I was informed that it would go to my dad, and I can’t have access to it and can’t take her. I put forward a condition: to take my statement out of court, and then “I will be able to see her dad on a fixed schedule“. Yesterday, I tried to see my daughter, I was not allowed to the territory of the Riverside Family Club, and security of the complex opposed my meeting with the child and the passage of the police on the territory. We were still able to go to the house. My calls neither the father nor the nanny of the child did not answer the door nobody answered the door. Police recorded all these facts, the house is empty one of the employees, the father refused to allow mother to see her daughter or return, citing the fact that I do not give the child, while in his house she was on my good will and Instagram of the father and the evidence seems to suggest that he regularly saw his daughter. I’ve done all the steps in the legal framework, wrote applications to the police and juvenile police. On Monday a meeting in the police force (including regarding persons assisting in the Commission of a crime) and the Board of Trustees, which have already been recorded at the Council meeting that the father is not opposed to all children lived with her mother. Theon three years, she has two siblings, the children should be together and no one can take them from mom, potyvirus revenge to punish a woman who dared to leave, to isolate them and to use violent manipulation, – expressed his position presenter.

Comments in the “Country” Chernetsky told their side of the conflict.

I just came from the Board of Trustees, where he wrote a number of statements. I want to give us a psychologists who will understand the situation. To experts separately told me, Pauline and children. It is necessary to understand where the truth and a lie. After I haven’t seen sons a month and a half, they came with a different Outlook and thoughts. They say that it will change the name that I abused my mother and hit that mocked her. Where did Plato and Theodore this information? They never saw because it simply was not there. I am concerned and don’t understand why all this public hysteria. I’m not interested in inflating of scandal because we live in this city, children and Polina too. I ask you to stop this hysteria, – the businessman noted and stressed that nenya supposedly two days ignoring his calls. – We Theon calling her, want to tell you how the day went, and she’s not answering. At first she kept ringing, but when I realized that I’m not ignoring them – I don’t want to communicate. I want to clarify about the outbreak of the conflict. Pauline nobody said that she’ll never see daughter. Just the nanny who works for me said that Theon would want to stay a couple of days the father, as we long time no see, I was out of town. And all the details can be clarified either I or my lawyer. Then came the police went into the house and laughed: we were sitting with my daughter, ate soup and played. Militiamen said that they have no right to take her home, the child is happy and all is well. Now in the hysteria, I still will not give up. But we need any mom, whatever it was. I have no right to deprive the children’s mother. I just want equality. Why is it bad when children live with the father? Dad is my destiny. Why do I have to give them their love only in limited time?

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