Turkish solution to the cruise missile problem: 1100 rounds per minute

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 Turkish solution to cruise missile problem: 1100 rounds per minute< /p>

Turkish media reports that the delivery of 40 short-range air defense systems of the “KORKUT” type has been completed.

rapid-fire anti-aircraft gun designed to protect the Turkish armed forces, bases and strategic points from drones and cruise missiles, which have become an increasing threat in recent years.

The war in Ukraine has increased the importance of a mobile anti-aircraft system that could move with troops to intercept low-altitude, short-range threats. For example, low-altitude enemy helicopters and fighter jets, unmanned aerial vehicles (kamikaze drones) and cruise missiles.

The main armament of the Turkish system is a 35-mm double-barreled gun with a rate of fire of 1100 rounds per minute. According to the Turkish publication, the main component of the system is the new “MKEK” projectiles, which can explode and disperse shrapnel towards the target at the moment when they are in close proximity to it.

“Smart” ; projectiles and rate of fire actually create a kind of explosive wall in the sky that blocks and destroys targets.

In addition to the cannon, the system also includes short-range anti-aircraft missiles such as the American Stinger or Russian "Needle". All this is placed on an armored personnel carrier – an amphibian. Each such armored personnel carrier is controlled by three crew members and a commander.

Turkey claims that the complete system includes three armored personnel carriers with a cannon and, in addition, a command and staff armored personnel carrier. Each armored personnel carrier with a gun has a fire control system and detection systems that allow it to quickly identify targets, as well as the ability to communicate with and guide other vehicles. The developers claim that the system has the ability to shoot and hit targets even while moving.

The search radar on the command and control vehicle can detect targets at a distance of about 70 km. Cannons with a high rate of fire are capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 4 km. Turkey emphasizes that guns with a high rate of fire can also be used against ground targets.

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