Turkish police will fine tourists with drones

Турецькі поліцейські штрафуватимуть туристів з дронами

The drone will need to register

Turkey tightens punishment for violation of security requirements. To fined a tidy sum and will be for disorderly conduct in airplanes, and for the use of drones. The amount of fines you will be amazed!

The Turkish government intends to penalize passengers who behave aggressively. The question price – 2 603 Turkish liras (around 10 000).

Moreover, the penalty now imposed for the use of quadrocopters. So, to everyone who has registered appropriately the aircraft is threatened by a penalty in the amount 9 013 Turkish liras (nearly 36 000 UAH). Tourists, incorrectly stated the characteristics of the drone at registration, will be fined in the amount of 18 025 Turkish liras (72 thousand hryvnia).

In the Main Department of civil aviation of Turkey noted that drones lately, extremely threaten the aircraft. Launch has been repeatedly brought to emergency situations on Board ships. To bring into the territory of the country quadcopter, you need to register. Save yourself the trouble tourists can, buying the device in Turkey. However, its weight must not exceed 500 grams.

Турецькі поліцейські штрафуватимуть туристів з дронами

You also need to follow the rules of using drones in Turkey

In this case the owner will have to comply with many rules. The drone can’t lift into the air to a height of over 120 meters, fly over a crowd of people to pass control to other persons to use the device in poor weather conditions and so on.

Some countries have completely banned the use of drones. These include Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia, Vatican city. Many States require owners of quadrocopter license. These rules, for example, in Thailand, Slovakia, Qatar, Monaco, the Bahamas and Sri Lanka.

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