Turkish hooligans attacked fans from Russia: “with knives and iron bars”

Турецкие ультрас атаковали болельщиков из России: «с ножами и арматурой»

The Russians, arriving at a football match, received a “warm” welcome

Turkish football fans attacked fans from Russia.

The Russians arrived for the match 1/16 Europa League final, which was played in the team “Fenerbahce” — “Zenit” (St. Petersburg). In Istanbul, the fans from Russia travelled on the bus, which was attacked by the local ultras. They stopped the vehicle and tried to break into the cabin. In the hands of a hot Turkish guys had knives and fittings.

Турецкие ультрас атаковали болельщиков из России: «с ножами и арматурой»

Fans of the Petersburg club was able to quickly block the door of the bus. The Turks broke the glass and retreated. The Russians were no casualties, only a few people got cuts.

Turkish fans after the attack on the bus did not stop. It is reported that they combed through all of the Turkish bars and cafes in search of the Russians who came to the match, the Telegram is a channel Of news.

Last night the Turkish supporters clashed with fans of “Zenit”. But the latter managed to escape from aggressive hosts.

It is noted that the match takes place in the capital of Turkey at the stadium Sukru Saracoglu. The stands are full, there are about 35 thousand people. About thousand fans from Russia.

The match started with a “minute of silence” for the dead on January 21 in the crash of the footballer emiliano Fat. The aircraft on Board of which there were 28-year-old pilot, crashed over the English channel. The athlete’s body was identified on February 7. The remains of the pilot was not found.

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As previously reported, on match of the championship of France between Marseille and Bordeaux, a funny thing happened. For the match of the 18th round of the French championship, which was held in an empty stadium due to suspension of the arena, still snuck in an unexpected fan.

Турецкие ультрас атаковали болельщиков из России: «с ножами и арматурой»

The entrance to the stadium was closed to spectators because of the behaviour of the fans that had previously abandoned on the field flares and firecrackers.

After the disqualification to watch the match directly from the stadium could only the representatives of the clubs, the arena crew, journalists and players who have not participated in a duel.

However, another viewer still managed to get to the match despite the ban. It was the cat who was watching the game with empty stands and attracted the attention of photographers.

Recall that the Ukrainian football players opened fire: “a bullet hit one of the players.”

As reported Politeka between fans of CSKA in Moscow there was a massacre.

Also Politeka wrote that became known the name of the best player of all time.

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