Turkish 'harem of horror' scandal

 Turkish Horror Harem Scandal

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A follower of Turkish preacher Adnan Oktar, who was imprisoned for 1075 years for a series of terrible crimes, revealed new details about what happened in his cult.

About This is reported by The Sun.

Over several decades, Oktar has managed to create a cult of devoted followers. He lived in luxurious conditions, surrounded by beautiful women, whom he called his “kittens” and men, whom he called “lions.” He was imprisoned for sexual assault and other crimes against members of his own cult.

Seda Isildar, who was a teenager when she was dragged into the cult, shared macabre details “in the Turkish horror harem.” According to the Sunday Times, Seda is now 50 years old. She lives in Canada.

“They say you're special, different from the rest. You're 15 and you just don't want to ruin it for everyone else. You – part of this group”, – the woman remembered.

According to Seda, before Oktar raped her, she found him special and exciting. When she was a schoolgirl, she was forced to “marry him.” At that time, the perpetrator was about 30 years old.

Not only was the minor forced to marry a pervert, she was also forced to undergo surgery without anesthesia. The girl was then about 20 years old. She was forced to have surgery on her nose “live”. Seda remembers to this day the hammer that was in her face.

“It was terrible. I counted how many times they hit my nose with a hammer, & ndash; the woman remembers.

Only after seven painful years did the woman manage to escape from the cult and start a new life in Canada.

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