Turkey suffered a major festival due to the turtle nesting season

В Турции перенесли крупный фестиваль из-за размножения черепах

The event was postponed not to disturb the turtles.

In Turkish Mersin, on the southeastern coast of Turkey, abolished the festival of pop music, as its activities were planned in close proximity to the places where sea turtles lay their eggs, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to UKRINFORM.

“The festival will contribute to local economic development, but environmental protection is an important aspect,” said festival organizers.

This decision was supported by the participants of the festival and the campaign for its repeal had significant support in social networks.

The event, which was held June 5-7, agreed to postpone for that time when the little turtles hatch from the eggs and reach the sea.

“The incubation period began in may. The turtles leave their eggs in the 50-60-cm nests. The incubation period is about 50 days, and then the young turtles reach the sea,” — said the activists, who in order to be more convincing, appealed to the court.

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The case also reached the level of the government and Parliament, which proposes to make a decision on a total ban on any public events in the vicinity of the national Park, the coast of which sea turtles use for laying eggs.

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