Turkey rescues 62-year-old woman 163 hours after quake

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 62-year-old woman rescued in Turkey 163 hours after earthquake < /p>

A 62-year-old woman was rescued in Turkey after being buried under the rubble after a devastating earthquake for 163 hours.

named Nazifa Yilmaz. She was rescued from the rubble of a collapsed building in Nurdaghi district in the province of Gaziantep. The victim was urgently sent to the hospital.

It should be reminded that earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 occurred near the Turkish-Syrian border on February 6. A series of weaker aftershocks followed. In Turkey, according to the Office of Emergency Situations, more than 30,000 people have already died. According to the World Health Organization, more than 8.5 thousand people became victims of earthquakes in Syria.

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