Turkey decided to complete the search for survivors, but not everywhere

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 Turkey decided to end the search for survivors, but not everywhere

Turkey has decided to stop searching for survivors of the devastating earthquake almost two weeks later.

Yunus Cesar, head of the Office for the Prevention and Elimination of Consequences of Emergencies, said this.

According to him, the rescue operation will continue only in the two areas that suffered the most. It is specified that an earthquake of magnitude 7.8, in the south of the country and in Syria, claimed the lives of at least 45,000 thousand people, of which 40,689 — only in Turkey.

Meanwhile, Orhan Tatar, the head of the risk reduction department of the Office, noted that the intensity of the earthquake that occurred on February 6 was 11 points – one point below 12, which is characterized as strong catastrophe. And the intensity of the second earthquake was 10 points.

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