Turkey and Romania “caught” sea mines in the Black Sea

 Turkey and Romania

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the discovery and neutralization of the second sea mine in the Black Sea in recent days. This time, a mine was found in the sea near the village of Igneada near the border with Bulgaria .

A group of naval special forces was sent to the area where the mine was found, the Turkish Anadolu agency noted.

In addition, a drifting sea mine was found off the coast of Romania. The Romanian Navy stated that the crew of the minesweeper "Viceadmiral Constantin Belescu" carried out an intervention mission to neutralize the sea mine.

The diving team determined the type of mine and established the order of destruction. It was decided to detonate the mine at a distance.

Recall that on March 26, the country's Ministry of Defense already announced the neutralization of an object similar to a mine in the Bosphorus Strait. According to Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, “as a result of the examination, it was established that it was an old-style mine.” Turkish Defense Ministry reported.
Earlier, Turkey warned the NAVTEX international automated warning system about the danger from sea mines, which were torn from anchors off the coast of Ukraine and carried by a storm into the open sea. Typically, modern naval mines are equipped with systems that make it impossible for them to detonate if they are disconnected from the anchor. However, as Turkish media reported, old-style mines do not have such a protection system.

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