TTY: dissatisfied with the weather — so work on Putin will regret!

Телетайп: недоволен погодой — значит, работаешь на Путина, о чем пожалеешь!

Well, active citizens and indifferent to the compatriots in the next three months will have to watch and hear mostly about the presidential election.

And we will have a stage show where the real interests of Ukrainians and Ukraine as inseparable of their community at risk to get lost in the clubs PR, contreira, competent fraud and outright cheating.

In fact, it’s already started. A few minutes before the start of the official campaign.

Remember, like the story of Dr. Dolittle green-prezeleny crocodile swallowed the sun? And we play with a very happy Zelensky swallowed the New year! And he didn’t come. Because the New year does not come without a television Bosnia General Secretary (President if modern).

And Christmas is also not coming. At least according to the Gregorian calendar, at least according to the Julian calendar. But Julian better not to mention it would be hidden is you know who…

Seriously, the political theory does not allow even superzvezdy artist got involved in politics three months before elections and won.

But political practices are similar as in 1998, speculative Green Party thanks to the competent advertising (on the channel “1+1”, please note!) sensationally passed in the Verkhovna Rada. However, there is nothing but the braids of their leader Vitaly Kononov, not memorable.

And I don’t understand how Igor Kolomoisky has bought the entire network artel “porkolab” and deftly redirected her support of Vladimir Zelensky?

Телетайп: недоволен погодой — значит, работаешь на Путина, о чем пожалеешь!

It’s a difficult five years to hammer together a structure. And ideology there seems to think people like Alexander Noynetsa. Yes, the same Victor Ukolov, which of course vibrates nervously waiting for the guillotine of the election day, but still could not simultaneously go Gaga to the level of Petro Symonenko.

Is the public unaware that their zapoloshnye denial “clown” on the contrary, they raise the level of Vladimir with his Tomasanovelty, concurrently moonlighting as President of Ukraine?

With the historic as they are the voice, the personality, which is appreciated in a hundred years.

After all, supporters Zelensky — those who got the power to brain itch. Therefore bacchanalia of black PR, which was organized by the top team, only reinforces their choice. It’s like finding pain points: once “porkolab” so hysterically howled, so we poked right.

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Therefore, in the situation when Vladimir effectively play up to his rivals, he to strain too much and not worth it. Mysteriously enough to walk the political stage, keeping the attention of the audience to throw ideas about inventing a national program, then the selection of the team, then the first orders to make it to broadcast their “public Servants”. And then all the tricky questions just ask in reply: “do you remember how come in this case, Vasily Goloborod’ko?” And smile his charming smile.

Телетайп: недоволен погодой — значит, работаешь на Путина, о чем пожалеешь!

To win this, of course, is not enough. But for the second round — maybe.

Now emissaries from the President, tanurovska in the autocephaly, we are going to talk the talk of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation to impact on Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, that he ceased to be offended at Ukrainians and announced the nomination for the presidency. And then provocative stuffing bleed Vakarchuk with Zelensky, moving the Pope from the zone of direct fire.

Competition with Vakarchuk strategists Poroshenko is not afraidbecause, according to them, he stayed too long at the start, his rating dipped by almost 3%, that is, to hopelessness.

For a politician — it is. But for the frontman of the iconic rock group — not necessarily.

Enough to announce the premiere of a new song, and Svyatoslav come to the microphone, put on his blue-and-yellow scarf, and this song will be civil detention and hundreds of thousands of people in tears will Shine a flashlight on mobile. And, old lovers, passion will flare up with renewed vigor. And then Svyatoslav continue the conversation about the coming of the decent people in power. And people like that, you know, left… Yes, just one. Last. The one in front of you…

Телетайп: недоволен погодой — значит, работаешь на Путина, о чем пожалеешь!

Again, shtatovtsy will help with their networking technologies, and now the chorus the same 10% that can compete for the political finale of the festival.

If it is still persuaded. And our political Piero happens to be extremely stubborn.

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But Yuriy Boyko all sad and definitely like a fish dominoes. The required percentage for the second round and he promised to provide Viktor Medvedchuk and Petro Poroshenko. And most quickly, you only need to Shine the face and gloves on TV. What he does with his usual artistry diving suit.

But in regard to Anatoly Gritsenko, Andriy Sadovy, and other second tier of candidates even it is unclear whether they have something to take to return to the big game.

Now, about those for whom second place is not just electoral defeat, but the collapse of the entire personal world.

Feature of Yulia Tymoshenko — in the contract of the future President and the electorate, which it intends to sign. It is not only known with billboards halving the price of gas, but the imposition on a national referendum the new Constitution of Ukraine, which provides for a system of effective control of the authorities from society. As well as obligations on other issues of Ukrainian problems.

Телетайп: недоволен погодой — значит, работаешь на Путина, о чем пожалеешь!

A contract is not a television obeschalki, and the document signed. It can claim through arbitration, court, independence. Let’s see how it will react to the innovation of the voters.

President Poroshenko acts like the issues of his re-election, he intends to resolve directly with the Lord God. So instead Dad his victory intends to forge his entourage.

One of the staffs, it seems to be headed by Serhiy Berezenko, intends to beat the record set by the team of Viktor Yanukovych in 2014, according to the recount of votes in his favor, and constituting, according to experts, 8%. These guys can do.

But they need the information smokescreen, allowing fraud to legalize. This task is called upon to decide a clandestine network structure, which is called the who “peroxoborate” who “Porogaramu”. This Association depicts popular support of the beloved President and the people’s indignation against his critics. And the team Berezenko under the guise of will draw the desired result — in both the first and second rounds.

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And all of them add up — on paper. Take at least weather, is indicated in the title of the article.

As dictated by the ethics of the middle ages, where the country’s leadership strongly rushed, not only weather, but also everything in our life has Over. As well as power.

And if you’re unhappy in life, that is blasphemy. You’re cursing and the anger of His vicar on earth, gives us Tomos, capable, like the Holy Grail to solve all the problems of the country and its citizens. And who will benefit from such a treacherous and criminal msgdataelement? That’s just the same!

Телетайп: недоволен погодой — значит, работаешь на Путина, о чем пожалеешь!

It would seem that Intrusive activities porkolab deserves a condescending attitude: well, you came running to crowd pimply or overage moral monsters/urodec. Well, I swore top to bottom, mainly the bottom to the top yeah spit and forget!

All so, if not circulating information that freaks the elections are going to get out in the real world.

That is determined detrimental to their goals public person, anonymous bloggers catching up around him Patriotic fervor — they say that works for the Kremlin and personally Putin gives him the silver coins. And then some fuckwad penny goes to the store for acid. But during the investigation, he rubs that shell-shocked Kolchak fronts and decided to deal with the enemy of an independent Ukraine…

Extremely cynical and dangerous scheme. Leading not just to the civil confrontation on the basis of elections, but the bloody showdown in the nineties, if not worse. And some here are afraid of clowns… Like children, I swear…

Alexander Kochetkov, analyst, and strategist, especially for the “Politiki”

Recall that in Europe supported the candidacy of Gritsenko on the presidential elections in Ukraine: “let’s Do it!”.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainian showman spoke about the presidential chances Zelensky: “Due to frustration”.

Also Politeka wrote that Mykola Tomenko called 10 principles that will save Ukraine.

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