Tsekalo left sister Brezhneva for mistress: plastic, luxury and wedding in USA

Цекало бросил сестру Брежневой ради любовницы: пластика, и роскошь и свадьба в США

The woman he was photographed by paparazzi during a romantic rendezvous with Alexander Tsekalo not a mistress to him: the whole truth about the relationship with a brunette ex-husband of Lolita Milavskaya find out right now

The photos, which were full of the Internet, where the husband of Victoria Galushko and brother-in-law of Vera Brezhneva, Alexander Tsekalo was captured with a certain brunette, caused a lot of speculation in society. Like, how, in fact, the wife of producer mess around with the young lady of Asian appearance.

Цекало бросил сестру Брежневой ради любовницы: пластика, и роскошь и свадьба в США

Some media took the time and found out some facts about the mysterious friend Tsekalo, and also about what connects them.

Searing brunette was 27-year-old Darin Erwin. The girl grew up in a wealthy family of lawyers.

She was born in Kazakhstan. Her father is an ethnic Korean and his mother is Russian. From father Darina got spectacular appearance, through which she built a career as a model and actress in the United States.

However, the heights of the aspiring actress was missing. It was just not how insignificant minor roles.

What connects Darin with 57-year-old Tsekalo?

Цекало бросил сестру Брежневой ради любовницы: пластика, и роскошь и свадьба в США

After photos in which the girl along with the ex-husband of Lolita Milavskaya golali in Rome, Tsekalo was forced to make a statement.

“I’m officially divorced and free. We love each other, got engaged. We will have a family”, — said the showman told reporters.

It turns out that Tsekalo do intend soon to marry for the fourth time.

One of the friends Darina named Ben told reporters that the girl in the USA many have tried to care, but she led a rather strict lifestyle.

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Her heart to Tsekalo was able to conquer only a German, in a love relationship which the girl was about five years. However, the couple divorced, after her boyfriend began to insist on marriage.

“Darina, Sasha has already signed the necessary documents for wedding in Beverly hills, , said Ben, — She introduced her lover to her parents and they approved of the choice. However, some friends did not support, they did not like Tsekalo. The fact that the guys loved ex boyfriend dari — German. But no luck… Why does she need Tsekalo? Money? You think she doesn’t have it? Doubt it… But it’s her life!”.

Цекало бросил сестру Брежневой ради любовницы: пластика, и роскошь и свадьба в США

In addition, many noticed that Darin used the services of plastic surgeons.

Surgical intervention in the appearance of the model notice and the photographers with whom she worked.

“Darin contacted me a few years ago through a mutual friend, says Holly Lynch one of them. — Wanted to do portrait shots. Of course, my work was rewarded, would not have agreed to operate for free. The young lady she is stunning, easy to talk to. I think since our meeting, she had many plastic surgeries. If you look at old pictures, it is quite different, compare for yourself!”

As it turned out, the family, dari’s very big and friendly. “A lot of brothers and sisters — say “StarHit” surrounded by bride of a showman. — Aidan and Indira sometimes come to the US and visit with Darina”. Questions about the famous and beloved girl her family prefer to remain silent. Probably still in shock from someone who stole her husband of their cousin.

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Recall that the singer Lolita Milyavskaya in one of the Russian TV said the difficulties she faced after her divorce from Alexander Tsekalo.

It was also reported that the scandalous Russian singer Lolita will not attend the high school graduation of my only daughter.

Even Politeka wrote that the experimental song of the singer came under a wave of critics in social networks. We are talking about the song “Evil does not hold”.

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