Truffle wars: dogs become victims of hunting for a delicacy

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 Truffle Wars: Dogs fall victim to the delicacy hunt

Rare white truffles have never been so lucrative, fueling rivalry among hunters.

Truffle hunters try to poison each other's dogs with poisoned baits by scattering them in the forests Piedmont, where truffles grow.Italian police are trying to investigate the murders of dogs, using four-legged “cops”, who must find the poison before.

Locals blame the secretive truffle community for turf wars. A piece of buried mushroom can be worth hundreds of dollars, but poisoned dogs sometimes pay the highest price.

The hills around Alba, a Piedmontese city famous for its fine red wines, also hide the most expensive truffles in the world. Valuable porcini mushrooms, more in demand than ordinary black truffles, ripen in autumn and remain fresh for only a few days. The rare delicacy attracts buyers from all over the world.

This fall, at the city's truffle fair, white truffles from Alba hit a record high of $800 per 100 grams. The price of mushrooms grows the more, the farther they have to be transported. But the chefs say it's worth it because of their unique flavor.

The luxury ingredient is getting more expensive due to strong global demand, but also because of shrinking supply. A warming climate and drought in Piedmont have greatly reduced the number of truffles. This year, the forests have provided one of the scarcest gifts that hunters and traders can remember.
This intensifies the rivalry among truffle hunters.

The struggle has always been tough. Dog poisonings have been known for decades.

Poisonings finally caught the attention of law enforcement two years ago. This fall, the forest police sent their team of toxin-detector dogs to check areas of truffle-rich forests to demonstrate their strength and stop potential poisoners.

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