“Trophies” from Ukraine: a man with grenades was detained at the Kursk railway station in Moscow

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On Friday, February 17, a man was detained at the Kursk railway station in Moscow with objects that looked like F-1 grenades.

Initially, this information was spread by Telegram-channel SHOT.

It is specified that a suspicious man with objects similar to grenades was noticed near the station. As he passed through the metal detectors, he was allegedly found to have several fuses, two anti-personnel mines, one “unidentified” an explosive device and several microcircuits.

The territory of the station was cordoned off and cynologists were called to the site. A search is underway, an investigation has been launched. Later it became known that the detainee brought with him a bag with such contents from the war in Ukraine. It is specified that he behaved calmly and did not resist the arrest.

According to RIA Novosti, against the backdrop of the incident, Russian Railways announced the evacuation of passengers from the basement of the station.

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