Troncedo turns to the project ‘Muretes de arte’

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Troncedo turns to the project ‘Muretes de arte’

Since last September 24 and until October 3, the inhabitants of the small town of Troncedo, in the municipality of La Fueva, are immersed in an artistic project framed in the ‘Muretes de arte’ program with the what are working on the recovery of the dry stone walls around the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Carmen and La Cabañera -and with them, their undeniable heritage value-, accompanied by two contemporary artists whose works made in situ will adorn these works that, until not so long ago, were key in the rural economy.

The enclave chosen for the work in progress has become in recent days meeting place between the residents of the town and the artists of the project. It is intended with this project to publicize and try get it back the historic cabañera of the Cinca-Ésera interfluvium, beginning with this performance in the surroundings of the aforementioned hermitage, where the dry stone wall in front of the bovine road is being recovered these days and in which a pictorial work that the artist Alba de Lucas is creating for this environment. The sculptor Sandrine Reynaud, creator of the artistic-cultural concept ‘Muretes de Arte’, develops an engraving at the foot of the walls. For their part, the members of the Castillo de Troncedo Cultural Association They are also carrying out a collective artistic installation coordinated by the association itself ‘Walls of Art’. And, in addition, Javi Hernández, draftsman of the project, attends the works in progress accompanied by his pencil to share a few moments of these days.

Throughout this week, the residents of the town have turned to the recovery of the old dry stone walls and they clothe the artists who develop their works; for its part, the collective design installation it took a few days of consensus and preparation, but everything is already channeled and it is expected that this same Saturday the artistic works can be consolidated and the event celebrated with a walk through the cabañera and put a festive culmination to the project with an inaugural vermouth on Sunday, October 2 at 12.00.

The initiative, promoted by the City Council of La Fueva and the Association Muretes de Arte, has the financing of the Government of Aragon through the subsidy destined to promote actions against depopulation.


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