Triumph: “Red Notice” starring Gal Gadot wins Netflix's greatest hit

Triumph: The Red Notice movie starring Gal Gadot was the best Netflix hit

& quot; Red notice & quot; (Red Notice), starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot, has become the most popular movie on the streaming service Netflix.

Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson also star in the American action comedy movie. />
According to Netflix, the movie amassed over 328.80 million hours of viewing in less than three weeks. For comparison, in 2018 the film “ Bird Box '' (Bird Box) with Sandra Bullock, considered one of the most popular on the platform, has gained 282 million hours of viewing in a month.

Gal Gadot thanked the fans on her Instagram page for their love and dedication.

& quot; Wow wow wow & hellip; Wow! Guys, I can't tell you how happy, grateful and how shocked I am by these crazy statistics '', & ndash; written by the actress.

& quot; Red notice & quot; was voted one of the top 10 films streamed on Netflix in 94 countries. Remarkably, since its release, it has received the highest rating in Lebanon and was voted the best film in Indonesia.

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