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 Triple Concert

Better than a concert of a popular artist can only be a concert of three popular artists. This triple concert of young Ukrainian performers KOLA+LAUD+SHUMEI will take place in Tel Aviv on September 24.
These guys – a real discovery on the modern Ukrainian stage and the future of show business. Artists worthy of attention, who are already dictating their own rules and showing new musical trends. Musicians who hit the Apple Music and Spotify charts. A new generation that proudly and powerfully represents Ukrainian music all over the world.
Those who follow musical novelties have been listening to KOLA – Ukrainian singer, who literally shot in the 6th season of the Voice of the Country contest. With great vocals and a subtle perception of the world, the lyrical singer KOLA changed the vector of creativity since the beginning of the war. Now its main goal – unity and raising the fighting spirit of Ukrainians. Hit “Chi at once?” reached the first position in the Apple Music TOP-100 chart, and the video for the track has already collected more than 4 million views. KOLA talks about the new stage in her work: “My Instagram has become a musical diary of my feelings. It all happened organically, I did not invent anything, and I think that it was he who gave me the opportunity and strength to endure the pain for my country. My music diary continues to support me to this day. Thanks to our people, I feel the strongest energy exchange and mutual support between us. Our people, Ukrainians – this is my inspiration, my experiences. I have accumulated a lot of information inside that I want to share with others. Everything has changed. Melody, voice, words and in general the message. Today I write what I feel, it's just rushing from the inside, plus I don't expect anything, I'm just sharing my feelings.
The next participant of the concert – brutal romantic of the Ukrainian R&B scene – LAUD. He is known and loved by the hits “Wu Qiu Nich”, “Vigadav”, “2 Days”, “Podolyanochka”. A bright representative of young Ukrainian music. Since the beginning of the war, he has been giving charity concerts raising funds for the needs of Ukrainians and actively popularizing the Ukrainian song both in Ukraine and abroad.
The third artist – Shumei. A young and talented Ukrainian performer, behind whom hits: “Probach”, “Tryvoga”, “Online”. Sincere, with wonderful vocals and an extraordinary smile, Shumei – a real favorite of the audience. «Israel– with Ukraine. We know that a large diaspora lives here and supports us.” – say the participants of the concert.
TRIPLE Concert in Tel Aviv, organized jointly with the largest volunteer organization to help Ukraine in Israel – Israeli Friends of Ukraine! 09/24/22, 20:00, B-SIDE (Yad Harutzim, 11, Tel-Aviv)
Tickets online: normal – 119 nis, VIP – NIS 169.
Tickets at the entrance on the day of the concert: regular – 149 nis, VIP – 199 nis.
Table reservations for the company: WhatsApp +972 52-651-2654
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