Treasure map could lead to Nazi trophies

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 Treasure map could lead to Nazi booty

A treasure map has been released that could lead to loot hidden by the Nazis during World War II.

According to the Dutch NL Times.

According to Annette Waalkens of the Dutch National Archives, the map shows the location where the Nazis buried a lot of valuables stolen during the Battle of Arnhem in 1944.

Jewels, watches and diamonds are believed to be hidden there. According to the map, they are buried near a village in the east of the Netherlands.

“During the defense of Arnhem, an explosion occurred in a branch of the Rotterdamsche Bank. German soldiers at the scene hid their booty under their coats, — Waalkens noted.

According to the publication, this map has been kept in the National Archives of the Netherlands for decades. Only now it has been declassified.

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