“Traveler from 2671” reveals a timeline of this year's world-changing events

News » Life Style “Traveler from 2671” reveals a timeline of this year’s world-changing events

Eno Alaric says there will be several important scientific discoveries this year after 8,000 people are chosen by aliens to save the planet. A TikTok user known as @theradianttimetraveler also claims that a tsunami could hit California, resulting in a huge number of victims, according to the Daily Mirror.

He also mentioned that huge scientific discoveries would be made, including scientists finding a way to use stem cells to grow replacement organs.

“WARNING ! To everyone who thinks I'm a fake time traveler, remember these important events before the end of 2023″? – Ino Alaric writes.

“March 23: 8,000 people are chosen to save humanity by an alien known as the Champion. The Champion will take these people to a habitable planet to save the species from another hostile alien race.

“May 15, 2023– A megatsunami will hit San Francisco, killing more than 200,000 people. June 12 – a 9.5 magnitude earthquake opens a trench 8 km deep, releasing many species thought to be extinct.

“June 18– 7 people will randomly fall from the sky while there was not even anything there. August 12 – scientists will find a cure for skin cancer using pituitary squirrels”.

“December 3, 2023 –a large crystal with the ability to heal all ailments and injuries will be discovered deep in the Amazon.
“ December 29 – scientists will find a way to use stem cells to grow replacement organs and new types of organs”.

TikTok users are divided over the predictions.

“What an exciting year”; ”A real time traveler would know that simply informing us of things that happened in the future changes the timeline, hence creating a new future”; “I want to be among the 8000”; “What are the next lotto winning numbers?”; “I recorded the last set. You failed in all”, – subscribers of the predictor wrote.

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