Transvestites, transgender and transsexuals: who are these people?

Transgender and transsexual are two different definitions, which denote one and the same mental state of a person.

Трансвестити, трансгендери і транссексуали: хто ці люди?

Such people suffer from a mental disorder of his sexual identification. They think that they are born out of my body and all the forces trying to change their gender identity, often resorting to surgery. Transvestites also characterize the behavioral features that result in a wearing clothes typical of the opposite sex, behavior and manners.

CONCHITA WURST (transvestite)

Трансвестити, трансгендери і транссексуали: хто ці люди?

This bearded lady was the winner of “Eurovision-2014”, the dissonance caused wide public. Some admired the bold way, the other refused to understand such jokes of the organizers of the contest and even created a group “No to Conchita Wurst at the Eurovision song contest!”. Conchita Wurst – the alter ego of Tom Neuwirth, who is just such a strange way wanted to draw public attention to the problem of otherness, xenophobia, discrimination and tolerance. Thomas says that he and Conchita are two completely different people, living their own lives. When it appears in the image Conchita he works for the public, and when he lives in the likeness of Thomas – he’s incredibly lazy young man. With the help of Conchita, the guy can separate personal and creative life, without fear that in the male form he recognized on the street.

KATHLEEN JENNER (transgender)

Трансвестити, трансгендери і транссексуали: хто ці люди?

Bruce Jenner is a former Olympic athlete and stepfather of the famous Kardashian sisters realized that she wanted to be a girl as early as 8 years of age. It was then that he started to try on girly clothes and makeup, and in 1980 got hooked on hormonal replacement therapy. In an interview, Bruce admitted that during his Olympic career, often went out wearing tights and bra under clothes, not to forget about their feminine nature. At the end of April 2015, Bruce did come out as a transgender woman, and in the summer, Bruce turned to Caitlin with the subsequent cover of “Vanity Fair”. The public differently react to such a transformation of the Bruce – some were for his support and admired the daring, others condemning, and curse. Well, we will not be judged, because ultimately, everyone decides how or who he wants to live his life.

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ANDREA PEJIC (transgender)

Трансвестити, трансгендери і транссексуали: хто ці люди?

Famous model-androgynous Serbian origin since childhood, feel at ease. Once being the Andrew model examples are women’s dresses and imagined myself a ballerina. After moving with his parents to Australia, brother, and classmates gave Andrew to understand that such as he society does not accept it and advised to keep their transgender to myself. For a long time Andrew tried to adapt to the male way, participated in lapcici team games and hid his feminine nature. In 2014, Andrew made coming out as a transgender woman, and in February 2015 finally replaced the floor and on the London fashion Week came the model Andrea. Parents and friends were understanding to the act of Andrea, and the fashion house started to invite on their shows as a model. By the way, Andrea became the first transgender in the pages of the “glossy Bible” Vogue.

CHAZ BONO (transgender)

Трансвестити, трансгендери і транссексуали: хто ці люди?

Chastity Bono is the only daughter of the singer cher. Up to 40 years chastity remained in the woman’s body, but in 2010 decided on a sex change operation and become a man named Chaz. After the sex change Chaz published a biography where he admitted that from the age of 13 felt different from other girls of the class: “I looked at them and was confused that I’m not interested in cute boys and fashion.” At 18, chastity admitted that she was a lesbian, but never got used to his female body. By the way, cher reacted negatively to her daughter’s decision to change their sex and even some time with her did not communicate. Currently, Chaz Bono has become fairly well known in his circles person, he works to protect the LGBT community, writing books and music, and is also found with the girls.

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IAN HARVEY (shemale)

Трансвестити, трансгендери і транссексуали: хто ці люди?

This popular comedian was born in a female body and named Janet. As a child, Ian realized that inside it lives a man and did not prevent his inner “I”. But Ian decided to change to 32 years, dressing up in women’s clothes. After major changes the guy did not hesitate to tell the world about his actions and repeatedly joked about themselves in their speeches. Ian is a member of the LGBT community and trying to teach people tolerance of transgender people.

ALEXIS ARQUETTE (the tranny)

Трансвестити, трансгендери і транссексуали: хто ці люди?

This transgender belong to a famous acting dynasty of Arkatov. Real name Actresses, Robert, but it gained popularity in female. The role of Alexis often minor, but very vivid and memorable, while critics generally admire the acting talent of this interesting and unpredictable Actresses. In 38 years Robert changed his sex and became known as Alexis. In his kinomobile you can see such famous films as “pulp fiction,” “Bride of Chucky”, “Three”, “the wedding Singer”, “children of the corn 5: Fields of terror”, “she’s all That”, “aerobatics”, “Trip”, “Kings of Dogtown”, “Mixed” and others. Currently, Alexis acts as a multiplier, creating a custom animation.

LAVERNE COX (transgender)

Трансвестити, трансгендери і транссексуали: хто ці люди?

The star of the show “Orange is the new black” was born in a male body and was called Roderick. But since childhood, Roderick felt like a girl, so school was in dresses and makeup, irritating teachers, and provoking classmates. Tired of feeling like a “black sheep” and “punching bag” eleven-year-old Roderick tried to commit suicide, but that suicide attempt did not succeed. With grief in half, poor guy got out of school, left his native Alabama and settled in new York. Years later, Roderick decided on a sex change operation, became a woman, but did not disclose details of the dramatic transformation in an interview. Interestingly, Laverne became the first actress-transgender person, a job which is highly appreciated by critics and was nominated for an Emmy award. Currently, she is not shy about his body, willingly posing Nude for the popular magazine, emblazoned on the red carpet in chic dresses from famous couturiers and carries tolerance to the masses.

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