Trains and ferries canceled due to storm in Northern Europe

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 Trains and ferries canceled due to storm in Northern Europe

A severe storm over the North Sea hit northern Europe and caused dozens of trains and ferries to be canceled Friday in northern Denmark and southern Norway as the Danish Meteorological Institute forecast hurricane-force winds.
< br />A storm named Otto was expected to move east over Sweden and the Baltic Sea. Finnish authorities said there could be power outages over the weekend.

Norwegian meteorologist on duty Haakon Mjelstad told Norwegian newspaper VG that the storm was behind the storm. stands “pretty strong” low pressure system.

Ferries in southern Norway have been cancelled. About 5,000 passengers will have to wait until at least Saturday to board a ferry between northern Denmark and southern Norway, Danish broadcaster DR reported.

“We should have avoided this, of course, but Otto is not a normal weather event, so this doesn't happen often,” — Erik Brynhildsbakken, CEO of Norwegian ferry company Color Line, told Norwegian news agency NTB.

Stormy weather came at the end of a holiday week in Denmark. Operators were forced to cancel trains across much of the country, and authorities advised lighter vehicles not to cross bridges, including the span connecting Copenhagen to the Swedish city of Malmö.

Some 280 residents of three late 1950s hilltop buildings in Copenhagen were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

well, you'll have to evacuate”, — said Sanne Kjaer of non-profit housing company KAB.

In western Denmark, there have been scattered reports of wind-blown trees and flying objects. In southern Sweden, several railway lines have been temporarily closed and the Swedish Transport Administration has said “there is a risk of trees and other loose objects falling on the line of contact and track.”

The ferry line to northern Germany was also suspended due to a storm that circled the north of the German Baltic coast.

Storm Otto also caused disruptions in Scotland, where wind gusts reached 130 km/h, and in northern England. Some flights and trains have been canceled. Tens of thousands of homes in the north-east of England are out of power. /1626514664174518273?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

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