Tragically passed away famous psychologist of the project “Masterchef” and “Ukraine”Speaks

Трагически ушла из жизни известный психолог проектов "МастерШеф" и "Говорит Украина"

Psychologist popular television Alevtina Shevchenko died from a severe illness

The woman died 13 Feb. About the last months of her life daughter Maria Popova told on the page in Facebook.

According to relatives, Alevtina Shevchenko long and unsuccessfully fought with lung cancer which doctors diagnosed August last year. At that time the disease reached a peak of fourth stage. Maria Popova noted that a psychologist could die. However, the physicians helped to live another six months.

Трагически ушла из жизни известный психолог проектов "МастерШеф" и "Говорит Украина"

Woman “stayed on the drugs.” And on Wednesday, she denied the lungs and heart. Maria Popova says that the patient died without pain.

The daughter said that the deceased did not spread about the disease. Alevtina Shevchenko was trying to avoid pity from others. Believed that friends and acquaintances will bury her in life due to a terminal diagnosis. Now, all loved ones will be able to say goodbye to Alevtina Forest in the ritual hall of the cemetery. Awards will be held February 15 at 11.00.

Трагически ушла из жизни известный психолог проектов "МастерШеф" и "Говорит Украина"

Maria Popova hard going through the death of his mother. On his page in the social network, she shared a tragic poem in which he expressed his emotions. The girl said that is not very fond of poetry, but now feelings are torn out.

During the life of Alevtina Popova remembered by the audience that participated in the creation of popular TV programmes, “Says Ukraine” and “Masterchef”. She is an expert in psychology.

On 29 January he died honored artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Demchyshyn, known under the pseudonym “Les Borovets”. The woman was 68 years. About this Facebook said its native son:

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“Terrible grief! It was more of my dear mother! Only 4 days ago we did to you last photo. Your lovely voice, your kindness, support, love, thank you for everything mommy.”

The actress has been a soloist of the Lvov radio and television, the ensemble “Vatra” of Lviv Philharmonic society and the “Lviv retro” collective “Galician Revia”. It Lesya Borovetz first performed works by Bogdan Janowski on words by Bohdan Stelmakh, and with ensembles he has toured in Ukraine and abroad.

On the legendary work of artist Lesia Borovets was removed the following TV movies: “Tunes old and new. Sings Les Borovets “1988,” Lviv retro “1990,” Galician Revia “in 1993,” Heart, illumined by the music “2003,” Unforgettable melodies “of 2006.

Recall, died of the iconic Hollywood actress: “the last days were hell.”

As reported Politeka, Russian singer died on stage during a performance of the song.

Also Politeka wrote that he died a legend of world football: “the founder of modern sports”

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