Tragedy in Lod: “everyone knew who would kill my sister”

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 Tragedy in Lod: "everyone knew who would kill my sister"

Hoda, the sister of Rabab Abu Siam, who was killed in Lod, gave an interview to ynet.

Hoda said: “Her ex-husband said he would shoot her – and so ended their divorce. Everyone knew who would kill her, and no one stopped him.

Rabab has been in a women's shelter in Beersheba for the last few days. She returned to Lod because she “missed her daughters.”

Hoda says, “Rabab told me if he kills me, take care of the children. She was in the garden of her parents' house. Her two-year-old daughter was at her feet – they were playing. Suddenly a car drove up and a masked killer got out and shot her. The other girl ran away. Who can do that?”

Rabab's relatives accuse the police of failing to protect the woman. In response, the police say. that Rabab was offered several plans to ensure her safety and move to another place – but she rejected them.

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