Tragedy in Barcelona: Israeli boy fell out of a window and died

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 Tragedy in Barcelona: Israeli boy fell out of window and died to death< /p>

On the morning of July 4, a 7-year-old Israeli boy, who was vacationing with his parents in Barcelona, ​​fell out of the window of the 7th floor of a rented apartment and

The boy leaned against the curtain, which he thought was a wall, and fell into the courtyard of the house.

The Spanish authorities, despite the efforts of the Jewish community in Barcelona, ​​are conducting an autopsy of the body . Upon completion, the body will be taken to Israel for the funeral.

Meir Bar-Khen, Chief Rabbi of Barcelona and head of ZAKA in Spain, says: “The family is in a very difficult situation, does not speak to anyone, and I I understand them. it is not easy to go on a family vacation abroad with children and return without a child”.

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