Traffic massacre is an alarming trend in road accidents among motorcyclists

Massacre on the road - alarming trend in road accidents among motorcyclists

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Since the beginning of 2021, a total of 258 people have died in road accidents in Israel.

Relevant statistics, as of on September 23, presented by the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety.

According to the ministries, 71 motorcyclists or a scooter driver died in an accident in particular. By comparison, over the same period last year, 68 people died in this category of road users, in 2019 & ndash; 64, and in 2018 & ndash; 44.

According to Israel Hayom, all parties responsible for road traffic accidents believe that action must be taken quickly to stop the carnage on the roads. According to the trend, by the end of the year the number of injuries and deaths may double.

Sources in the ministry point out that motorcycles are the most dangerous vehicle for the user.

& quot; Quantity motorcycles in Israel represent only 2% of all vehicles on the road, but they are involved in a quarter of fatal accidents. The likelihood of a motorcyclist getting into a serious accident is 16 times higher than that of a passenger car. And the larger the engine size of the motorcycle, the higher the likelihood of getting into an accident '', & ndash; said the source.

The ministry also drew attention to another alarming trend – and ndash; driving without a driver's license. According to the study, 27% of motorcyclists and scooter drivers from the Arab sector aged 19-15 years were injured in road accidents, and 24% of Jews had no rights at all.

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