Tracked and prepared terrorist attacks: Hamas spies in Israel detained

They followed and prepared terrorist attacks: Hamas spies in Israel were detained

The Shabak and Israeli police caught two Hamas agents spying on Israeli territory in November.

This is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

The first to be detained was the Israeli Hussein Biari, whose family lives in Gaza. The second is a resident of the Gaza Strip, Mahmoud Ahmad, who has permission to enter Israel.

Both were arrested on November 29, and the details have become known only now. According to law enforcement officers, the men were recruited by Hamas.

According to the results of the investigation, the detainees met with the militants while in Gaza. They constantly took assignments from curators and kept in touch with them. Ahmad was recruited in 2019. He collected information about the Iron Dome and also photographed IDF soldiers at Ashkelon Central Station.

Biari joined a terrorist organization last year. He also collected information on military bases, soldiers, and the Iron Dome. Among other things, he was instructed to incite the Arab population and carry out a terrorist attack in Israel. Charges were brought against the suspects on Thursday.

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