Tourism Minister to Masa participants: Israel is a country of unlimited possibilities

 Tourism Minister to Masa participants: Israel is a country of unlimited possibilities

Every year, thousands of young people with Jewish roots from 60 countries fly to Israel to study, teach and intern in Masa's many programs. Participants in these long-term programs are trained and specialized in various fields, learn Hebrew, contribute to the Israeli economy, strengthen Jewish identity and deepen their connection with Israel and the Jewish people. Anu” The participants of the “Masa Career” program, who arrived in Israel 3 months ago, met with the Minister of Tourism Konstantin Razvozov. The meeting took place within the framework of the MasaID project.

At the meeting, the minister spoke about his journey in Israel and stated: “I am glad to welcome you to our country and I hope you feel comfortable here. Israel is a country of repatriates and unlimited opportunities, in which, with diligence and perseverance, much can be achieved. Despite all the difficulties associated with the coronavirus, over the past 2 years, about 20 thousand participants in the Masa project have been able to come to us, live, work, visit sights and get an impression of our country. For me, as the Minister of Tourism, it is important that you get a lot of positive emotions here, that you want to come back here yourself and tell your friends and family what a wonderful country Israel is.

“MasaID” provides an opportunity for hundreds of young Jews from the countries of the former USSR who come to Israel as part of the “Mas” to get to know Israel through the prism of their own role in the history of the Jewish people, more than 1,500 participants pass through it a year. The project is supported by the Genesis Foundation. As part of this project, with the aim of in-depth study of the characteristics of Israel and modern Israeli society, the participants attended several seminars and visited historical sites associated with Zionist history, Judaism and the connection of the Jewish people with their country.

Since the beginning of the year (according to the Jewish calendar) to participate in various Masa programs about 8,500 people arrived in Israel, 1,500 of them – of the Russian speakers, 950 took part in the “MasaID” project.

Photo: Press service of the “Masa” organization

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